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Amigo Bob Cantisano

Organic Farming Advisor

Founder- Ecological Farming Conference


It is essential that the National Organic Program recognize the overwhelming majority vote by the NOSB with regards to the requirement of growing organic crops in soils, and not under hydroponic conditions. The most basic principles of organic agriculture require the natural interaction of plant roots with organic matter, humus, biological activity and the macro and micro nutrients that are found in the soil. Hydroponics are an artificial environment that provides solely soluble nutrients, and creates plants that are often in stress, requiring applications of insecticides and fungicides due to this environmental stress. In addition the nutrition of plants grown in hydroponic situations is inferior to those grown in a true organic soil environment. Hydroponics have no place in organic agriculture. Please sign the petition, educate your friends and be vigilant to ensure that the federal government follows the dictum of the organic farming community.

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