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Petition to Keep  Organic In The Soil


"Organic agriculture is based on improving the fertility of the soil.

We demand that the USDA Keep Organic Growing in the Soil.

No Hydroponics Certified As Organic!"

Keep the Soil in Organic

In a continuing effort to reclaim the meaning and purpose of organic standards, we are inviting people to sign this petition. The petition will be presented this  Spring to the NOSB during their deliberations on allowing hydroponics into organic certification.

The foundation of organic agriculture is caring for the soil. The foundation of all human existence is maintaining a healthy soil community. Hydroponic production is fine, but it is the opposite of organic. One member of the NOSB has said that this debate is the most significant battle that has ever occurred in the National Organic Program. Pioneering organic farmer Eliot Coleman said that we are in danger of losing 50 years of hard-fought gains in the healthy soil movement. We are literally "losing ground." We need to take that back. Please join us by adding your name to the petition.

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