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Moratorium Letter Signers




National Organic Coalition




MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association)

Center For Food Safety

Beyond Pesticides
Food and Water Watch
Northeastern Organic Dairy Producers Association

Organic Consumers Association
Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association

NOFA Interstate Council
Cornucopia Institute
Carbon Underground
Agrarian Elders
Forrest and Frances Lattner Foundation

Biodynamic Association
Demeter Association
Organic Crop Improvement Association

Deep Root Growers Cooperative
New England Farmers Union

Food Democracy Now!

Tuscagora Organic Growers Cooperative


International Organizations


Soil Association (Great Britain)

Organic Growers Alliance (Great Britain)

French National Organic Farmers Federation (France)

Bionext (Holland)

Biohuis (Holland)

Study Network of Organic Greenhouse Growers of the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture (Holland)

Study Network of Organic Arable Farmers in Southwest Netherlands (Holland)

Nautilus Organic (Dutch Organic Growers Association-Holland)
BDEKO (Federation of Biodynamic and Organic Farmers-Holland)
AIAB (Associazione Italiana per l'Agricoltura Biologica- Italy)

AIAB Liguria (Italy)
BOLW (Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft e.V. -Germany)
CAPE (Cooperative pour l'Agriculture de Proximite Ecologique- Canada)

Amis de la Terre Estrie (Canada)


Former NOSB members


Michael Sligh NOSB 1992 to 1996. Founding Chair.   Executive Director Rafi

Fred Kirschenmann NOSB 1995 to 1999.

Farmer. President Stone Barns Center For Food and Agriculture, Distinguished Fellow for   Leopold Center For Sustainable Agriculture, Professor of Religion and Philosophy at ISU, Cofounder Farm Verified Organic, Inc.

Dr. Joan Gussow NOSB 1996 to 2000. Professor Emeritus Columbia University, Author

Dave Carter NOSB 2001 to 2005, Former Chair.

Executive Director National Bison Association, USDA Agricultural Trade Advisory Committee on Animals and Animal Products, Consultant with Crystal Springs Consulting Inc.

Jim Riddle NOSB 2001 to 2005. Former Chair.

Farmer at Blue Fruit Farm, Inspector, Trainer, Policy Specialist, Co-author of  OTA's American Organic Standards, Outreach Coordinator University of Minnesota Southwest Research and Outreach Center, Cofounder International Organic Inspectors Association, former University of Minnesota Extension Organic Outreach Coordinator, Ceres Trust.

Goldie Caughlan NOSB 2001 to 2005. Nutrition Education Manager at PCC Natural Markets, Board member Cornucopia Institute.

Dr. Hubert Karreman NOSB 2005 to 2009. Former Chair of the Livestock Committee

Organic veterinarian, member Biodynamic Educators Collaborative

Jeff Moyer NOSB 2005 to 2010. Former Chair.

Executive Director and former Farm Director Rodale Institute, Board Chair for the Seed Farm, Founding and current member of the Pennsylvania Certified Organic, past board member of the Organic Farming Research Foundation, Project member of the Noble Foundation's Soil Renaissance project.

Joe Smillie NOSB 2006 to 2010.

Former Vice President of Quality Assurance International. Former President and board member of the Organic Trade Association.

Kevin Englebert NOSB 2006 to 2010 Farmer at Englebert Farms.

Dr. Barry Flamm NOSB 2008 to 2012. Former Chair

Farmer, Founder and Vice- Chair of the Montana Organic Association, Former Director of the USDA Office of Environmental Quality, Former Senior Staff Member for natural resources and agriculture at the President's Council For Environmental Quality, former teacher of environmental policy at the University of Montana, Former Chief Forester at the Wilderness Society.

Jay Feldman   NOSB 2010 to 2014. Former Chair of crops subcommittee. Executive Director Beyond Pesticides

Nick Maravell   NOSB 2011 to 2015. Farmer at Nick's Organic Farm.

Jennifer Taylor   NOSB 2011 to 2015. Associate Professor Florida A&M University.

Colehour Bondera   NOSB 2011 to 2015. Farmer at Kanalani Ohana Farm.


Farmers and Organic Advocates


Eliot Coleman   Farmer 4 Season Farm, Author, former Director of IFOAM

Dave Chapman   Farmer Long Wind Farm

Dru Rivers  Farmer Full Belly Farm

David Miskell    Farmer Miskell's Premium Organics

Anais Beddard   Farmer Lady Moon Farm

Margit Kaltenekker Hall   Farmer Prarie Star Farm

Pete Johnson    Farmer Pete's Greens

Dr. Stuart Hill    Retired professor of soil zoology, McGill University

Elizabeth Henderson    Co-chair NOFA NY Policy Committee

Edward Maltby Farmer   Executive Director NOFPA
Terry Shistar    Beyond Pesticides

Bob Scowcroft    Cofounder and former Executive Director of the Organic Farming Research Foundation,

First Executive Director of the California Certified Organic Farmers

Tom Beddard     Farmer Lady Moon Farm
Bart Hall P. Ag.    Farmer, former inspector
Bill Duesing    Executive Director NOFA CT
Enid Wonnacott    Executive Director VT NOFA
Jack Kitteridge    Farmer Many Hands Organic Farm, Editor The Natural Farmer

Julie Rawson    Farmer Many Hands Organic Farm, Editor The Natural Farmer

Mitch Blumenthal    Farmer and Founder/President of Global Organic Specialty Source

Ronnie Cummins    Co-founder and International Director of The Organic Consumers Association, Author

Lisa Bunin     Former Organic Policy Director for Center For Food Safety

Jim Gerritsen     Farmer Wood Prairie Family Farm, President of Organic Seed Growers And Trade Association,  

named an Organic Food Champion by the Utne Reader, Agrarian Elder

Megan Gerritsen    Farmer Wood Prairie Family Farm, Agrarian Elder

Alan Schofield     Farmer Growing With Nature,

Chairman of the Horticultural Standards Committee for the Soil Association, Chairman of the Organic Growers Alliance

Steve Gilman    Farmer    Policy Coordinator NOFA Interstate Council

Tom Newmark    Farmer Finca Luna Nueva,

Co-Founder and Chair Carbon Underground, Founder Sacred Seeds, Trustee American Botanical Council, Founder New Chapter

Patty Lovera    Assistant Director Food & Water Watch, former Deputy Director at Public Citizen

Paul Hawken    Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, journalist, and author.

Founder of Natural Capital Institute. Former board member of Point Foundation, Center For Plant Conservation, Conservation International, Trust For Public Land, Friends of the Earth, and National Audubon Society

Karl Hammer   NOSB 2011 to 2015. Associate Professor Florida A&M

Will Allen   Farmer Cedar Circle Farm

Liana Hoodes   Former Executive Director NOC

Tom Page  Farmer Page's Organics

Frank Morton   Farmer Shoulder To Shoulder Farm, Agrarian Elder

Clara Coleman   Farmer, Four Season Farm Consulting

Zoe Bradbury    Farmer Valley Flora Farm, Agrarian Younger

Amigo Bob Cantisano    Consultant, Founder Ecological Farming Conference, Steward of Sustainable Agriculture, Agrarian Elder

Jack Algiere    Farmer Four Season Farm at Stone Barns Center, Agrarian Younger

Dan Pullman    Manager of Fresh Source Capital, Board of Food and Environment Reporting Network,

Board of Yale Sustainable Food Project, Founding President of Sprout Lenders, Board of FarmPlate

Dr. Will Brinton    President Woods End Laboratories
Will Raap    Founder Intervale Foundation, Cofounder Gardeners Supply
Barbara Damrosch    Farmer Four Season Farm, Journalist Washington Post, Author

Lisa Stokke   Co-Founder Food Democracy Now!

Dave Murphy  Co-Founder Food Democracy Now!

Dr. William Liebhardt    Emeritus UC Davis, Former Director UC Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education Program 1987-2001

 Former chief scientist Rodale Institute 1981-1987, professor U of Delaware 1970 to 1981,

Frederic Jobin-Lawler    Farmer Abri Vegetal (Canada)

Thea Maria Carlson    Co-director Biodynamic Association

Robert Karp    Co-director Biodynamic Association, founder New Spirit Farmland Partnerships,

Former Executive Director of Practical Farmers of Iowa, former board chair of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Stephan Schneider    Farmer, Board member Biodynamic Association, President Hawthorne Valley Farm

Daphne Amory    Board member Biodynamic Association, Inspector for Demeter USA

Gregory Georgaklis    Board member Biodynamic Association, Founder Farmers To You

Peter Littell    Board member Biodynamic Association, President of Biodynamic Farmland Conservation Trust

Terry Brett    Board member Biodynamic Association, Co-owner Kimberton Whole Foods

Jim Fullmer    Co-Directer Demeter USA
Dr. Larry Phelan    Professor of entomology at Ohio State University

Jean-Paul Courtens    Farmer Roxbury Farm, former president of the Biodynamic Association, Teacher

Jim Crawford    Farmer New Morning Farm, Agrarian Elder

Jake Guest    Farmer Killdeer Farm, Agrarian Elder

Betsy Hitt    Farmer Peregrine Farm, Agrarian Elder

Gloria Decater   Farmer Live Power Community Farm, Agrarian Elder
Stephen Decater    Farmer Live Power Community Farm, Agrarian Elder
Carly Delsignore   Farmer Tide Mill Organic Farm, Agrarian Elder
Andrea Hazzard   Farmer Hazzard Free Farm, Agrarian Elder
Zachary Wolfe   Farmer Farm At Locusts on Hudson, Agrarian Elder
Tom Willey Farmer    T&D Willey Farms, Agrarian Elder

Bavo van den Idsert    Director, Bionext, TheNetherlands

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